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Collection highlights Collection highlights
Henry Dyer Collection Henry Dyer Collection

North British Locomotive North British Locomotive

An image taken from a stamp of a locomotive from the North British Locomotive Collection

Cairns Mitchell Map Collection Cairns Mitchell Map Collection

TN Foulis Collection TN Foulis Collection

Detail from cover of Penvala of the Black-Watch published by TN Foulis

Jeffrey Library Jeffrey Library

Scottish Regimental Histories Scottish Regimental Histories

A detail from History of the Scottish Regiments in the British Army by Archibald K Murray. Glasgow, 1863.

Nested Portlets Nested Portlets
Conservation Conservation

Collection care at The Mitchell means caring for a wide variety of formats. This includes maps, plans, parchments, vellums, manuscripts, scrolls, photographs, glass plates, lantern slides, film, magnetic media, paintings, watercolours, wax seals and even some materials that have not yet been identified. Not forgetting books, which range from current paperbacks to some of the earliest examples of Scottish bookbinding and from miniature books to double elephant folio volumes.